Spring Barley - 2 Row Malt Varieties

AAC Synergy Barley

AAC Synergy sets a new yield standard for 2-row malt barley in Western Canada. A favourable quality profile that includes relatively low protein with high plump, high extract and low beta-glucan levels, complementing a good foliar disease package. AAC Synergy combines great yield potential with favourable quality for the malt market.

  • Great yield potential, 10–20% higher than AC Metcalfe and 5–15% higher than CDC Copeland

  • Unique quality profile that lends to both the adjunct and craft brewing markets

  • Broadly adapted, performs at a high level across Western Canada

  • Higher extract than AC Metcalfe and CDC Copeland with lower beta-glucan levels

CDC Copeland Barley

  •  “Recommended” status from the Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre

  • 16% higher yield than Harrington, 2% higher yield than Manley (1996 – 1998 Coop Trials) •

  • 3 days earlier maturing than Manley (1 day later than Harrington) •

  • Moderate resistance to net blotch (similar to Manley) •

  • Better stem rust resistance than Manley and Harrington •

  • Much stronger straw than Harrington, slightly stronger straw than Manley •

  • Higher test weight and plumper kernels than Manley, kernel plumpness similar to Harrington •

  • Much lower beta-glucan than Harrington and Manley •

  • Excellent malting quality

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