Canadian Red Spring Wheat Varieties

AAC Brandon CWRS
  • Awned, semi-dwarf CWRS wheat

  • Similar lodging tolerance and disease resistance to AC® Carberry with 105% yield index, 0.5 day earlier maturity and 1 cm shorter plant height

  • Well adapted across western Canada

  • Introduced to northeastern Ontario for its positive yield, agronomic and grain qualities. See eastern technical bulletin here

  • AAC Alida VB is a high yielding semi-dwarf CWRS with very good lodging and sprouting tolerance, plus it is moderately resistant to FHB.

  • AAC Alida VB is also tolerant to the orange wheat blossom midge.

  • AAC Alida VB is well-adapted to the wheat growing regions across the western Canadian Prairies. Certified seed of AAC Alida VB will be sold as a varietal blend made up of 90% AAC Alida and 10% AAC Brandon. Blending with the midge susceptible variety AAC Brandon provides a refuge area for nonvirulent midge to survive at low levels, thereby extending the useful life of the Sm1 midge tolerant

Technical Bulletin