Canadian Red Spring Wheat Varieties

AAC Brandon CWRS


  • Grain yield 105% of AC Carberry over all sites in 2009 to 2011 Coop Registration trials

  • Height 1 cm shorter than AC Carberry

  • Good leaf and stem rust resistance

Vesper VB CWRS


  • 104% of the grain yield of AC® Unity VB in registration trials •

  • Maturity similar to AC® Unity VB and AC Barrie •

  • Good resistance to stem and leaf rust

  • Large kernel with very high test weight •

  • Improved lodging tolerance compared to AC® Unity VB

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Canadian Amber Durum Varieties

AAC Spitfire Durum


  • AC Strongfield replacement

  • Higher yield, stronger straw

  • 110% yield of Strongfield

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Canadian Prairie Spring Wheat Varieties

AAC Penhold CPS


  • Improved lodging tolerance compared to 5700PR and 5701PR

  • Significantly shorter than 5700PR and 5701PR

  • Early maturing, 2 days earlier than 5700PR

  • Very large seed size and heavy test weight

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